How marked cards are seen by using infrared contact lenses?

The marking of cards method is very popular among the gamblers and also customizing the special marks, which is an invisible mark in the card. There are no issues or worries about this card that will be seen by others as they are the best quality marked poker cards. The advanced printing technology made the marked cards to look as same as the original cards. You have to just wear the marked cards contact lens to stand out in the magic show or poker game and also many colors are available so you can choose the color that fits your eyes.

The marked playing cards contact lenses are powerful tools through which you can read playing card’s invisible ink and also they are very easy to operate. By choosing effective marked cards contact lenses you will achieve the result twice with half effort. Contact lens colors such as blue, green, black, and red are available and the size is 4 to 5 mm.

Feature of selecting suitable contact lenses

Marking cards contact lenses are divided into different types for several aspects, the important tip for you is to pay attention to your requirements. Many different lenses size such as 4mm lenses, 6mmlenses or 9mm lenses that is their blurry area size. Small size contact lenses are suitable for you if you have green eyes or blue eyes. All marked playing cards contact lenses types are suitable for you if you have brown eyes or black eyes.

Also, there are two different material types of contact lenses available one is soft lenses, it is flimsy where after wearing it you can have brighter surroundings. The other one is hard to contact lenses that keep your shape easily.

Safe Detection method of invisible ink marked cards

Infrared contact lenses are a special type of contact lenses that their functions are different from normal contact lenses as they are used in the detection of the invisible ink marked cards and it is more effective. It won’t change your original eyes color and also there is no different when compared to the normal lenses in appearance. To satisfy your requirements many types of lenses are available for different eyes color. These infrared contact lenses will not hurt your eyes and it is same as the normal lenses, so without any worries, you can wear it on playing casino poker games, magic show, club cards game, private cards game, world poker tour and it increases your jackpot in poker games